“Without the past we are living not in the present, but in a vague and rather unsatisfactory future.”
– John Peale Bishop, The South and Tradition.

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Jessi White, Historic Preservation Consultant for the City of Huntsville

Building upon my undergraduate degree in interior design and my master’s degree in public history, my work in historic preservation focuses on the built environment, contextualized within the multi-discipline field that is public history. I specialize in architectural assessment and review, exhibit design and installation, as well as website design and administration.  I work with and for local communities and individuals to identify, assess, and educate on heritage assets, incorporating the latest technology.  In the past I have worked on several projects, including but not limited to: Sabine Hill in Elizabethton, Tennessee, Hawthorn Hill in Castalian Springs, Tennessee, and the Murfree-Patterson house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I have also been a part of the exhibit design and installation process for both the Longstreet Headquarters in Russellville, Tennessee, the Francis Rogan House in County Tyrone Northern Ireland, Parker’s Crossroads Battlefield in Parker’s Crossroads, Tennessee, and Wynnewood in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. As I have developed within the public history field, it has become apparent to me that a well-rounded understanding of the discipline is needed in order to become a responsible and well-informed professional focused on community engagement and outreach.  

As a modern public historian, I would like to bring more than just a technical aspect to the field. It is my sincere hope to meld my preservation and design skills with my expertise in public history to act as an intermediary between the written description or present condition and allow people to see the future potential of a project. Instead of simply describing or writing history, I can show my audience the past in a way that someone who is just a designer or purely a historian cannot. In this way I hope to bring a new perspective to the field.