Historic Huntsville Lecture Series


The Historic Huntsville Lecture Series is a small local conference developed by myself as a means of strengthening the Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission’s public outreach efforts.  The first lecture series was held in  January 2015, and featured three presentations and audience participation.  Guest speakers were: Katie Stamps – Redstone Arsenal Architectural Historian and HHPC Commission Member, Jessica White – City of Huntsville Historic Preservation Consultant, and Donna Castellano – Executive Director of the Historic Huntsville Foundation.

Stamps’ lecture, “National Standards, Local Impact,” highlighted the effect that national historic preservation standards have on local communities. White’s discussion focused on “A Guide to Huntsville’s Historic Preservation Guidelines,” and included information on improvements for Huntsville’s historic preservation rules and procedures. The evening concluded with a presentation on “Preservation at the Grassroots” by Castellano that covered the progress of local historic preservation organizations.

The lectures were free to the public.  A link to a video of the event can be found here.  A link to my presentation at this event can be found here.

The second lecture series was held on October 15, 2015, and featured  three presentations.  Guest speakers were: Dave Ely- Huntsville Historic Preservation Commission Chair,Jessica White – City of Huntsville Historic Preservation Consultant,  and Ashley Vaughn – local resident of the Five Points Historic District and preservation enthusiast.

Ely’s  lecture, “Going Green: Preservation and Sustainability,” focused on historic preservation as the original form of sustainable design.  White’s presentation, “Saving Energy, Saving H0uses: Creating a More Energy Efficient Historic Home,”  looked at implementing weatherization techniques in order to create a more energy efficient historic building.  Finally, Vaughn shared her own preservation experience through the restoration of her historic home on O’Shaughnessy Avenue.

The full lecture series can be viewed here:


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