Paper and Presentation


My presentation of the Rice Duncan Longrifle

I completed the course with a final research project on a Tennessee long rifle which culminated in an 11 page paper (see embedded paper below) and rehearsed 20 minute presentation (find the link here).  In my project I concentrated my focus on the “Rice Duncan’s” long rifle out of Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Through the study of this one facet of material culture I began to uncover the intricate network of social and cultural ties between the maker of the weapon, the purchaser of the rifle, and the community’s involvement in its production and distribution.  As part of this project I had to demonstrate my ability to perform original research using mainly primary documents supplemented by secondary sources.  Applying the knowledge that I gained from course lectures, collections studies, workshops, the field study trip, and individual research I was able to develop a publishable paper and presentable lecture.  I hope to publish my paper in the August 2013 issue of Journal of Backcountry Studies.