Museum Design

Francis Rogan House


Rogan House, Ulster-American Folk Park, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

The Francis Rogan House, built ca. 1825-1830, is now located in the Ulster-American Folk Park in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  In 2008, staff of the Ulster-American Folk Park, a site operated by the Museums of Northern Ireland, negotiated with the owners of the Francis Rogan House to have it dismantled and moved to the park.  As part of this project, members of the Center for Historic Preservation, including Caneta Hankins, Jennifer Butt, and Dr. Susan Knowles, were asked to put together a furniture inventory for the house (see the embedded packet below).  Once the inventory was complete I was brought in to develop Auto CAD drawings and three-dimensional  drawings to aid in the building’s reconstruction and furniture placement (see video below).