First National Bank Building (Historic Narrative Draft Copy)

In the winter of 2014, I was asked by the City of Huntsville, AL to help complete baseline documents for a preservation easement for the First National Bank Building located at 224 West Side Square in Huntsville Alabama.  Working with Claudia Anderson, Assistant City Attorney, work began immediately.  The easement was broken down in to two parts.  The legal portion of the preservation easement was completed by Claudia Anderson, and the baseline documentation portion was completed by myself.  Both of us worked to edit the easement to ensure that the building was properly protected.

The project began with a thorough documentation of the site and building followed by extensive primary and secondary source research.  The end result was a 113 page document that covered the full history of the building from its construction in the 1830s to the present.  The document also provided a description of the building’s exterior and interior features and elevations, as well as  a  visual survey and preservation assessment.