Marble Springs State Historic Site


Marble Springs Historic Site, Knoxville, Tennessee


Site Documentation at Marble Springs

Marble Springs State Historic Site is the last remaining home of John Sevier.  This once 350-acre site is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and is supported by the Tennessee Historical Commission.  Anna Chappelle, Site Director, and Ashleigh Oatts, Assistant Director,  requested that the Center document the site and create an up-to-date inventory and history of the site’s log structures and furniture.

I was asked by Dr. Carroll Van West to assist him and three graduate students in the creation of a preliminary assessment of the site.  This assessment included a review of five of the sites log buildings, including a smoke house, spring house, kitchen, the “Sevier Cabin,” and “Walker’s Tavern.” I worked with  each student in the field as they documented, photographed, and measured the buildings and furnishings.  Once the students began to develop the report, I helped to edit the assessment.  The final project resulted in a 112 page report.DSC_0028