Murfree-Patterson House


Murfree-Patterson House, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the Murfree-Patterson House, built in 1838, stands as one of the oldest and most significant homes on East Main Street.  Built by the descendants of Colonel Hardy Murfree and Captain William Lytle, two prominent early Murfreesboroians, the Murfree-Patterson house stood as a Trail of Tears witness house, served as a Civil War hospital, and was the home of the Patterson family who owned one of the largest manufacturing companies in Murfreesboro, the Red Cedar Woodenware Company.

East Addition

Murfree-Patterson House, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


I was appointed to the position of Fieldwork Instructor and Project Manager over the Murfree-Patterson Architectural Assessment.  I worked with six graduate students from Dr. Carroll Van West’s Historic Preservation Essentials Class to develop an architectural assessment of the house.

The report is broken down into four sections, historical significance, exterior and interior conditions assessment and needs recommendations, and furniture assessment.  Two students were assigned to exterior and outbuilding descriptions, two students were assigned to the interior descriptions, one student recorded the home’s portraits, and one student worked to develop the historic significance of the home.  I worked with each student on an individual bases to develop the sections of the report.  The project resulted in the completion of an assessment with more the 100 pages. (report link forthcoming)